How to post online pictures on Instagram?

How to post online pictures on Instagram?

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Social media channels are now the easiest and fastest way to communicate with people and share anything and everything from text and photos, to videos and personal messages. Indeed, it’s a powerful tool to stay connected online. Whether you’re an established business, startup, a professional or just someone who want to beat those boredom blues, social media is the virtual place to go.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels with over 500 million active monthly users. You can download this app on your mobile device to edit and share your photos across other social channels. With this app you can connect with other users, like other posts and start getting likes/comments from your friends. Posting photos is what many users really enjoy on Instagram. There are plenty of options to edit and enhance your photos to make them more beautiful and interesting.

How To Post Online Pictures On Instagram

So, are you ready post your photos and have fun with Instagram? Follow these steps!

  1. Download the app on your smartphone.
  2. Register and setup an account using your email. If you already have a facebook account, you can use it to log in right away.
  3. From the app, find the camera button located at the bottom, in the center from the row buttons. Tap the camera icon when you’re ready to take a picture of your choice or post photos from your mobile gallery.
  4. You can choose to add some texts or captions on your photo to make it more interesting and compelling.
  5. Along with your captions, you can also include some hashtags in it. Like for example, you are posting a photo of your pet and you may put hashtags like #nameofyourpet #mypet or anything that best describes your photo in a single word or keyword.
  6. Cross-platform sharing is also allowed in IG, so feel free to share your photos/posts on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Take advantage of Instagram to share your beautiful pictures to the world. Who knows? It could be your next tool that can take your career or business to the next level!


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